Reply To: Fan Games Win 32 issue


Hello thanks you for replying!
?.. Ah…
I was shore it could run on it.
Damn! I thought some simple windows games could run on dosbox.
Do you know if there is any other way to emulate those kind of games?
Maybe even an other emulator!? ?
I have a few games I would like to run.

Win9x? What is win9x? Is it a light version of win95 extension for dosbox!?
How can I try running it!?

I mean it’s OK even if it’s experimental, the worst that will happen is that it doesn’t load… Right!??

I would still like to try….
Or do I have to load a full windows95 sistem on dosbox to do this!?
Hope there is some other way. I mean I don’t think I could do that on Android.
Wouldn’t it be to heavy for the phone?