Reply To: Windows 95

Al ex

The Kirin 710 is on par with the Exynos 7885. At least when it comes to single core performance, and that’s what matters for Dosbox. It’s possible, though not necessarily the case, that your cpu is a bit too weak to provice constant speeds in Win95 emulation.
On the other hand, your cpu is twice as fast as the Exynos 7880, which should be enough, unless the Exynos handles certain cpu operations more efficiently (like the infamous NEON performance hit on old Snapdragons).

Just to rule this out, could you run the benchmark please, and tell us the result?


Also, you can try fixed cycles. This can cause a lot of other issues, but Age of Empires isn’t very demanding for a Win95 game (a Pentium 60 was enough back then). So maybe you can find a setting that’s low enough to provide stable speed.