Reply To: Older Magic DOSBox (paid) Versions

Al ex


Great to hear you’re working on a Magic Dosbox guide. Running Win95 in DOSBox is a pain in the butt, even on PC, so every bit of good documentation is highly welcome! ?

The short answer to your question: no, it’s not allowed. But that’s tbe internet for you, and Google isn’t doing much to protect apps either. So app developers would have to stamp on every single website that’s distributing their work. Which is next to impossible, unless you’re a multi-million dollar company with an army of lawyers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So, it’s more or less a token of gratitude to pay three bucks to a small dev (which equals a beer or two, depending on where you’re living). People who’re pirating will do so anyway (and hopefully get their phones and pcs infected by all sorts of nasty trojans and viruses ?).
#rant off ?#