Reply To: D-pad broken? Or am I doing it wrong?


Yep, I play on a Sony ps4 dualshock 4, and it works flawlessly with magicbox ?

Yeah I guess I should explain in detail what I’m trying to do..

So I am playing star wars dark forces, it’s a first person shooter. There’s 10 weapons, and I want to use the 4 way (+ shape) directional pad to be able to pick 8 weapons..

Weapon 1 is up
weapon 2 is right diagonal up
weapon 3 is right
weapon 4 is right diagonal down
weapon 5 is down
Weapon 6 is left diagonal down
Weapon 7 is left
Weapon 8 is left diagonal up

I prefer the + shape 4 way directional pad because if I press both up and right its registered as diagonal… On a 8 way thumbstick it’s too sensitive and sometimes diagonal up and right can be incorrectly registered as up or right..not diagonal.

What I want my 4 way d-pad to do is when I press up and right, I don’t want it telling the game I pressed 1 and 3, but just tell the game I pressed button 2. I hope this helps.

Thanks for all the help guys, I am LOVING magicbox… I don’t have to play all the stupid games out today, it’s all multi-player and dumb.