Reply To: Fallout 2 help


Hey Admin, thank you for the experimental free version. I installed it and now I have both the full paid Magic Dosbox version and this experimental.
Now I have only one question I would love to have answered. I managed to run the Fallout2 with Restoration project on Dosbox Turbo according to the tutorial Yes Man posted here. It works, but its true its very slow and laggy. So I want to try it on Magic Dosbox.
The question is: what does it mean when Yes Man says: :”For Magic all I did was add file paths at the bottom of the ‘expert commands’ config for the images I was using in DBT and it started up right away” ?.
I know where the bottom of ‘expert commands’ config is, I think I should write some paths in the lines below “[autoexec]” and “@Echo Off”, but I dont know what should I write there. The paths should probably lead to the c.img (probably the win98 data) and hdd-2gb.img (fallout2 data installed on computer) from the DBT tutorials now stored on my internal storage, there is also small “dosbox.conf” file. Since Magic Dosbox (full version nor that experimental) does not see the images I used in the DBT automatically, I think I have to set the paths manually.
So please someone tell me how to add the paths at the bottom of the ‘expert commands’ config, which Yes Man was talking about. It would be much appreciated.