Reply To: Fallout 2 help


Hello Yes Man and everyone,
can you please help me a little ? I was struggling with this same thing for the past week. I succesfully installed Fallout 2 to my android with Magic Dosbox under windows 95 (according to the Magis Dosbox’s video tutorial on Youtube). Everything works fine, but I only managed to update it to 1.02 with official 1.02d patch, which still leaves a lot of bugs. Since then I tried to figure out how to make it work with Restoration project, but no success for me. After long research I think the problem is Windows 95 that simply doesn’t support Sfall and Directx 9.0c, which are necesssary for the Restoration project. Just to make sure I tried it myself several times, but the Windows 95 simply won’t let me do it – still the same error “program requires win 95 with directx 3.0a or later or win NT version 4.0 with SP 3 or greater.” I believe the problem could be solved if the Fallout 2 could be installed through Magic Dosbox on Windows 98, which supports both Sfall and Directx 9.0c. However I have no idea how to do that – I am noob who only follows tutorials :).
So Yes Man, please, can you write here for me some simple guidance how you made it work ? Thank you million times.