Reply To: diablo 2 bought from on magic dosbox

Al ex

You don’t really need more. I’d suggest you take an empty 2GB image, and mount it as secondary hard drive D:.
This way, you can mount different 2GB images in different profiles, and basically install as many games in Win95 as you like. I’ve got 9 2GB images (LinksLS98, MM6 & Diablo, AoE1 & AoE2, Red Alert & Starcraft, Half-Life & Dungeon Keeper Gold, Thief & Commandos, System Shock 2 & Game Net Match, Alpha Centauri, Diablo 2). I’m keeping all these on my external sd, and mount the images as I need them.
As a result, I have all these games on my Win95 desktop, but can only launch the one or two games that are stored on the currently mounted D: drive.