Reply To: Issue with Placing Widgets on Samsung S8


Great, I appreciate your work on this a lot! This is the first time that dosbox on Android has become usable for me for games other than those easily controlled by Mouse only.

Some other things I thought about, but those are really minor issues:

1. Sometimes my widgets get rotated. I think this sometimes happen when I place them first in auto/rotate orientation and then switch to landscape. But I can’t reproduce this in a consistent manner, so it is hard to describe more exactly and I do not have an example at hand. But this includes the text running top to bottom instead of left to right. Maybe an option to reset widget orientation would be nice, maybe there is already one and I just have not found it yet.

2. The changing layers action seems like it should be available under the “Special” widget and not only under the “Combo” widget. This is just a bit counterintuitive to me, as I looked for it there first. Of course it is fine to also have it under Combo.

3. Walkthrough having support for .txt, .pdf and images would be nice. I.e. I use it to show the copy protection answers for Master of Orion, and I had to create a html page to display the image I have them on. And many of my existing walkthroughs for older games are in .pdf or .txt.

Just a general wishlist, but I probably already love the App as much as possible 🙂