Reply To: Looking for ideal Duke3d setup


Hmm i think, i found an easy way wich you’d like for your duke setup…

1. Create a virtual joystick for moving… 4 ways.

2. create a a second virtual joystick for strafing…

You have to bind the keys youll have to set up in the virtual joysticks inside duke3d’s own setup.exe…

For moving, i took the standard arrow keys and bind them on the 1. Virtual joystick like default.
For strafing, i bind:

“A” – left strafe
“D” – right strafe
“W” – aim up
“S” – aim down

Within dukes setup.exe and created a 2. Virtual joystick INCLUDING a (ctrl) modifier… ctrl is the default fire key.. with that, you can move and strafe while automatically shoot (while strafing).