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Thanks for interesting post.

All right. First, if you have trouble with decision buy or not to buy, try it I can refund you in worst case. Magic Dosbox is not here for cheating people.

With emulator you must accept, that it allows you do only that what game supports. Game ports can do more. But this does not mean, that games are not playable. Many times it is about the controls.

Over last 3.5 years were added various controls for various games based on players suggestions. I add what I can, however probably not immediately – you know – work, children etc. 🙂

Many people does not know about one flag in widget’s setup. It is called “Activate on tap only”. Each widget has two major states – pressed and not pressed. By default you activate widget with finger tap somewhere inside widget area. But this flag “activate on tap only” allows you to widget activation/deactivation with dragging over screen. Sibling to this flag is another flag “deactivate on leave”. By default is widget deactivated if you leave with finger it’s area. This flag blocks this and widget stays activated even you leave widget’s area.

I see on you video that you turn to sides with quick swing to left/right. Something like quick swing on touchpad. Unfortunately this control is not implemented and is on to do list long time. But you can do it with relative mouse with higher sensitivity, f.e 200.

BUT, you can try it like I do it in this video :

Here is my profile, import it in magic dosbox

My duke3d setup in SETUP.EXE is : Controller setup => keyboard and mouse.

Drawback with this setup is : in video I fire with relative mouse. Due nature of relative mouse there is little delay when you fire and lack of continual fire, because relative mouse executes click if you quickly tap. But if you drag then relative mouse emulates movement. If you want immediate fire then use widget (maybe with flag “activate on tap only” turned off).

I found now small bug if you perform 3 touch at once, I must fix that, but 2 fingers are fine for duke.

In virtual joystick you can change position inner rectangle – this increases/decreases active angles for direction detection. Usually I move this rectangle a bit down, so I have bigger forward area and smaller backward area.

This video is my quick idea, did not think about it much, i prefer another controls