Reply To: Benchmark


I meant that the Mate 9 score was weird compared to the others (especially the other with the same chipset), not yours, I guess I didn’t word it right. 😀

But yeah, Qualcomm’s Adreno is a huge selling point over all the others (Samsung, Huawei, MTK) going with Mali not only because of performance and efficiency but also because of the pathetic state of the drivers on the latter resulting in way worse performance in other emulators like ppsspp and dolphin for example. I’m really hoping Samsung will start manufacturing their own gpu to complement the good job they’ve been putting in their processors but until that happens the trade off is not worth it for me and my use.
I’ll be in the market for a new device early next year and unless Samsung decide to switch to PowerVR or smth (there has been rumours about that in the past) I’ll basically be forced to switch to the new snapdragon – maybe Mi 7 or whatever Sony has to offer.

Also, kinda offtopic but have you tried Portal and Borderlands with gltools?