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Al ex

@acrosstheline1 Samsung did an amazing job on the Exynos chip. I think it’s actually closely related to the Kirin, because they’re both using ARM reference design. Maybe Samsung optimized some thing better, but I guess above all, they’re simply handling the heating issue better: the Exynos 8890 is watercooled 🙂, and that’s working really great.

I can use performance governor without any issues, the cpu won’t heat up above 59-64°C. For comparison, my Note 4 was constantly overheating to 85-90°C, and it would then downclock to 800 MHz. Only way to get decent performance was to leave the first core at stock 2.7 Ghz, downclock anonther to 1.2 GHz (to handle Android background tasks), and shut off two cores entirely. That’s because Qualcomm had maxed out the old Snapdragon 800 32 bit design for the Note 4’s 805 line to unhealthy levels.

One big plus for the Snapdragons is their Adreno gpus. They’re much more powerful than the Malis. But unfortunately, Adrenos are not fully compatible with GLTools. So the only way to play Half-Life 2 (which obviously is one of my favourite games) is to use a Mali gpu again.

Well, that pretty much sums up my reasons for buying the S7. 😉