Reply To: The Update Intended to fix controls Nov.19 has ruined mine


Ok i got one more idea. I will dig out a usb otg converter.I will hard wire the ps4 controller remap everything and if that works i have no idea what it proves. I know sixaxis controller isnt blocking it because it is the only way to make it accept keymappings currently . I will disregard all of that. I will disregard how lame it is to hardwire a bluetooth controller is particularly this one because it draws power from the phone battery when hardwired. I really dont want to but will because i know it worked the way i have it set. Im not delusional and this may seem petty to you and if so i can only assume youve never tried and succeeded at a controller layout for mechwarrior. Its litteraly took months to evolve to what it is . its not somthing you can just go a different way with or i would have.I guess it comes down to this. If this fails to give me the desired results ill try somthing else entirely.

P.S. backing up profile saves current controller maps? Or do i duplicate and remap? Nevermind i think i just answered that question twice lol