Reply To: The Update Intended to fix controls Nov.19 has ruined mine


what specifically was the update for? Im wondering if it had anything to do with xboxone controller in the forum . im using a ps4 controller that had no issues til someone complained there triggers dont work on an xboxone controller and your insisting your controller works . im thinking this is just way too coincidental . the Controller keylayout on a ps4 controller is different then that of any other sixaxis controller and your insistence that you just tried an ipega (not familiar with those but im guessing it uses the generic abxy setup ?) makes me wonder if somthing got changed that improved functionality in one device but had the opposite effect on mine . I have tried everything from remapping all controls in both game and app and cannot get the analogs to do except anything otyer than up down left right when mapping as keyboard and also fails when trying to map gamepad keys to analogs. I had my right stick mapped as up (=)
Down (-)
Left (,)
Right (.)
last night even though these keys are still mapped the only things my analogs do is up down left right. i beleive you when you say they are working on your ipega though im not certain you mapped anything other than up down left right but regardless the point is i beleive you. I would not waste this kind of time on this if i hadnt already had them mapped and know for a fact that my map layout was working prior til i got off work last night. I have ruled out any other potential system app or user app updates. The only thing that changed was this app got an update.Is it possible to get an early version of the app ? It seems like that would be the easiest fix .