Reply To: The Update Intended to fix controls Nov.19 has ruined mine


Edit: Ive been playing around with the controls and I’ve discovered that it seems the controls setup wants my triggers to be be gas, brake. I can get other keys to assign to my analogs now except forward and reverse. These always revert back to directional. I do not want to adjust the in game controls setup given how long it took to come up with a feasible control scheme (mechwarrior is control intensive easily over 40 controls, to map this to a PS 4 controller is very difficult it would not work if I had to use the triggers as gas brake, I cannot omit controls and nothing other than gas brake can be mapped to up down and be usable) I’m kind of stuck . is there any way to just go back an update? I don’t know maybe release the old version via this site til a proper fix worked out?