Reply To: The Update Intended to fix controls Nov.19 has ruined mine


Could not be updated any other application, which runs in background and can affect your gamepad functionality?

Allright. I don’t say that you are not talking truth. On google play was written very similar message to yours (include title), so I think it was you. Google play rating is unchanged, you made a mistake, you looked at rating of free version which is really 4.4.

Your message is very hardly readable, but I understand that you use analog sticks – left and right. And you try bind keyboard keys to analog sticks. Right?

Please could you record video of these steps ?

1. Create new game profile
2. start magic dosbox to black console
3. open advanced settings – I need see which version you have, close it and continue to next step
4. open mapper and bind keyboard keys A, B, C, D to left analog stick. Confirm all.
5. move analog stick UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT

Please post video link here. At beginning check that your gamepad is connected.