Reply To: The Update Intended to fix controls Nov.19 has ruined mine


I use the paid version . the issue I’m experiencing is my analog controls no longer allow any mapping other than directional movement when mapped as keyboard regardless of what I map them too. Both sticks do this . I noticed the issue last night about 6 pm PST. I don’t know how to logcat this issue because magic dosbox allows for remap, accepts remap but fails to remap. Both sticks are stuck with up,down,left,right as map regardless what I set them too .(i.e if I map them to y,z,x,c the app claims it accepts changes but the sticks remain mapped up,down,left,right) I am stuck using the keymapper built into sixaxis controller that works but lacks all the F keys and Ctrl (didn’t realize how often these are used til you lack them) and in order to get sixaxis controller to work it has to be set to input device which negates the keyboard (only 1 keyboard can be active at a time, sixaxis has to take the place of the built in one in order to get the app to recognize it ) Inever had control issues prior and the only thing that’s changed (globally) is an auto-update (yeah kicking myself for not killing that) to your app my phone took at 5pm PST. I checked out the changelog and it said it was an update intended to fix control functionality so I contacted you. I’m sure I’m not your only issue (play store rating went from 4.8 to 4.4, in order to affect that at all would take a considerable number of complaints)for what its worth I didn’t complain via google play I came here.