Reply To: List of supported Win3.1 and Win9.x Games


i thought th3 note 4 was slow til i got it rooted unlocked debloated and off touchwiz(wtf was samsung thinking) now it smashes. Just out of curiosity your note 2 wouldnt happen to be tye sch-i605 would it ? i still have mine and cannot beleive how over clockable it is. It screams but doesnt get anywhere near as hot as its predecessors i also own the note 3(900v) and 4 (910v).you really have to unlock the snapdragons to get any kind of performance but it is there. Its being crippled by samsungs Dvfs. I actually think its working againsts its own hotplug scheme. These phones have gotten hotter with each new model. The 4 would get physically hot to touch when i ran touchwiz…main reason i unlocked was to debloat (nobody anywhere uses half what comes loaded on these and the samsung apps i liked have fell off hard ie side-sync )Running aosp is worlds faster and cooler.