Reply To: Windows 98/later OS's

Wiktor ┼╗arski

If you really want to using Windows98 you obviously need another DirectX than Windows95
but rest of files from the guide on Magic DosBox youtube channel is of course good for Win98. [link]

You only have to do:

  1. Download and extract “Win95Install” [click to download]
  2. Create new drive image .img and it must be big enough to hold everything (all files will be weighs a little more than 65MB)
  3. Copy all folders with contents from Drivers.img to created by yourself drive image using any iso-writer except folder “Directx”
  4. Download, extract and copy Directx folder witch software compatible with Win98 to your drive image [click to download]
  5. Save changes in drive image and install drivers from this .img in your Win98