Reply To: Win 95 Install


Limbo can install. Your issue is windows 95 install disks are not bootable . They require bootdisk or dos to access the media . I could not get the boot disk to work so i used msdos 6.22c. In limbo you would allocate a blank disk img for hd ms dos 6.22 as the a drive and your iso (i assume) in the cdrom . Boot into the a drive then manually boot into c, run setup (additionally it is helpful to include the cmd /is when running setup it skipsscan disk) it is rediculously hard to get all drivers to correctly install if using magic dosbox though , it is advisable to use dosbox daum for everything but the pci driver if you want to go the dosbox install route but its alot faster typically to do this stage in a virtual machine never thought to try limbo to do the drivers have to give that a go