Reply To: List of supported Win3.1 and Win9.x Games


This is a weird yet funny entry for the Win 9.x games.

Just tried SimCopter and altough compared to other entries on here it may look pretty funny and early 3D gaming, however it doesn’t cease to amaze me the fact that I’m both emulating Win 95 and a somewhat-3D game on my phone, tried a few Win 95 games these past days where I’ve had a few errors which I’d like to list just in case some of you know any fixes, most games btw were demos since I just wanted a quick look to see if the game would even start.

With Drowned God: Conspiracy for the Ages for example everything was fine except that it told me “Could not start due to the following problems.. You are running in 8-bit color mode” ;

Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures is another funny litte yet interesting to try game which works, honestly I was amazed anything could start with some of the most usual and common errors I was having lol ;

Star Wars: Episode I – Battle for Naboo was another one that gave me this error “No 3D display adapter installed” ;

Clive Barker’s Undying gave me this error “Bink error 256 color mode not supported” ;

For the rest, pretty much most games gave me this error, alone or along with other errors mentioned above, games as well as apparently either explorer.exe or Internet Explorer, the error is “This program has performed an illegal operation and it will be shut down”, which I’ve read was a pretty common error with Win 95/98 back in the day, for whatever reason..

I’ve tried different setups/configs for Win 95, I’ve read about weird compativility between larger RAM sizes and possibly VRAM, either a lower size worked better than a higher one, or somewhere in-between, what do you guys think would be some of the best or perfect numbers, what other settings, emulated harware (GPU/CPU), drivers etc. for better performance and in general just to start up a few somewhat-3D games? (ofc the rest depends on the smartphone’s hardware)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend you all or have a great Monday start depending on your timezones! 🙂