Reply To: All my Games gone…


Thank you for information.

In next version will be added :

You will see again welcome screen and people will be asked to pick location for settings :
This text will appear :

a). Store settings in application private folder. Here are protected against deletion done by cleaners and system updates. However, will be automatically deleted by system during application uninstallation.

b). Store settings in custom location in folder with name .MagicBox. Settings will survive application uninstallation, but may be deleted by cleaners or during system update.

Settings will be moved to picked location.

In addition, “MagicBox” folder will be renamed to “.MagicBox”. Seems cleaner apps skips this kind of folders, maybe it will work for samsung updates too.

Inside game, I’ll add small checkbox with text “send to cloud after save” or “share” (I am not sure what is better). If it will be checked then after save will be profile automatically exported to mgc file and will be shown file sharing dialog, here you can pick which cloud to use (dropbox, google drive, ..)

And from main menu must very visible option for full export + I’ll block saving full backup to “.MagicBox” folder

Something is implemented, something are ideas. If you have other ideas, write them:)