Reply To: emulated processor goal?

Al ex

Yes, you can emulate whatever your device is capable of.
But don’t expect too much from the Snapdragon 805. I’ve got an old Note 4 with SD 805, and the best I can get is something between a P75 and a P90. Snapdragons are bad when it comes to emulators in general, and Dosbox in particular. It’s something Qualcomm did to the cpu structure, so it simply doesn’t show the performance you’d expect from a 2.7 GHz device.

The Exynos 8890 in my S7 edge (2.6 GHz) is almost 3x as fast. Depending on the benchmark used, it emulates something between a Pentium MMX 233 MHz and an AMD K6 333 MHz. It can run Doom with up to ~130.000 cycles, for example, while the Note 4 couldn’t do more than ~50.000.

I’ve recorded a comparison benchmark, both devices running full speed, with performance governor enabled: