Reply To: All my Games gone…


Thank you for warning. I’ll try ccleaner, will see what it does.

This is VERY big problem for me. In the past there was never problem with storing profiles in root of main storage. But since this year, (or since the end of previous year) I have problems, because people installs cleaners which remove “trash” from main storage – include MagicBox folder. And what more, samsung goes the same way and by updates cleans main storage too.

Google recommends store everything in application private folder, but this folder is always erased when is application uninstalled. This is big problem, because f.e I install/uninstall various versions during development. And what more, people re-install application if they experience strange problem. In all these cases are profiles lost.

So, what to do…my idea was rename “MagicBox” to “.MagicBox”, because clean master skips these kind of folders. But what with updates from samsung? Maybe “.MagicBox” will survice these updates, but I don’t know how to test it. And, as Larrynho said, “Downloads” may be unsafe too.

Will be great check it if someone has pending update from samsung.

EDIT : Another solution will be implementation of synchronization to google drive…

EDIT2 : where do you store games? They vanished too?