Reply To: Win 95 c: storage?


Just as a follow-up, yesterday I was able to run SubCommand.
First, I had to install the TCP/IP protocol before saving the image from Windows, so that I can bypass the password screen from the computer since it´s not possible to do it in DOSBOX.
Then, already inside the Magic Dosbox win emulation, it was necessary to use the Internet link on the desktop which installs some files from the Windows CD.
That makes Winsock2 aware of the TCP/IP and it installs the necessary dll files.
And then you can run the game…

…and it crawls really slowly here,…heh. SO, it works but too slow. Well, you can´t win them all I guess.
Kinda makes sense, considering it´s a game from 2001 which asks for 96 megs of RAM, so not really on the lower side of specs.

PS: If anyone knows how to accelerate this without burning my tablet, I´m interested