Reply To: Searching for a msdos622.img


Of course it had to be user error ….so evidently i forgot what i know about dos because i failed at step 1 lol. I didnt have the folder the image was in mounted as a seperate directory no it cant boot c if c is being used already. My bad thanks for your help . Works just like i wanted it too. Hey since you clearly have more win 9x experience i wonder if i might ask you somthing: Have you tried running the games installed on the drive with windows ? Is it faster ? Im gonna go with proabably not maybe slower the system runs faster as light as possible but i dont know if thats correct ? Seems right oh and should i be trying for voodoo emulation (the guide i followed was …i figured the opted togo with the dosbox install method)which reminds me is it possible to add the imgmake command to your build because if so that eliminates the need of a pc in the process of making a windows img. i used my pc of course and would opt to even if unneccessary , most likely way faster but idk your build runs exceptionally well on my devices (quad core nexus 7 and note 4 both have same hardware =snapdragon 805 soc with adreno 430 both are android 7.1.2 seems the difference is size and preloaded software lol makes software compatibility a non issue hehe)