Reply To: How do YOU play FPS games?


I was preparing for this answer one day 😀

Well, I must say this idea is great. If I know it at beginning of development, then is implemented since then. It can solve various situations what I solve now with specialized widgets. Of course this idea can’t handle all situations and after all, these specialized would be implemented too.

So, question is – is this idea still worth of implementation? Is there at least one situation what can be handled significantly better with this idea then with current implementation?

Please don’t take this question wrong, I will be very happy if as many people as possible can write down here situations what can be fixed with implementation of this idea and which can’t be handled by current offer.

Why I still didn’t make decision?

Exactly like with layers implementation, I need rewrite a lot of core code. This is not fun. With layers I was 100% sure that this brings significant improvements. It took me 8 versions until the code was prepared for layers. Now it is not so dramatic, but there are various complications. Android sends really many touch events which are evaluated against collisions. With multiple layers it is yet more work, but still not bad, because I finish detection when I found first widget. But this idea needs scan all widgets over all layers below finger. This needs implement binary trees or other help for faster detection. And of course all flags like “activate on tap only”, “deactivate on leave” etc must be functional.