Reply To: Recommended tablet



I own 2 different nvidia devices

1. Nvidia shield portable – device with tegra cpu, in-built gamepad and 5″ display.

It’s older device and I bought it from second hand more then half year ago for 70 euro. This device perfectly emulates all dos and other games, me and my family play on it mostly ps1 and dosbox games. I never tested this device, but is slower then nvidia shield tablet, I think it can score around 1300-1400. In addition I play on it android games like half 1,2 and max payne – at full speed. I recommend this device, but it can’t probably well emulate win9.x games in dosbox. Big advantage is battery with really long time.

2. Nvidia shield tablet (2014)
As far as I know, all nvidia tablets have the same processor. Really fast for emulation, it scores around 1050 – 1100 in dosbox benchmark (personally tested). Big advantage is overclocking option in settings directly supported by Nvidia. Maybe you don’t know, but android devices are usually under-clocked and they can’t use all cpu potential for emulation, to get it usually you must root device and install something like “set cpu” application to change cpu plan. Nvidia offers it in this tablet directly – without loosing warranty. Display is enough (i think) – 7″ not big, not small, perfect for pixelated applications. Battery life is not so big, or cpu is more hungry 🙂 But about power – it emulates everything very well. Another advantage is in-built screen recording (usually you must have rooted device for it). It supports NTFS on sdcard and makes it fast. But like all android systems since kitkat – sdcard is blocked for writing. At the end I rooted this device, I applied sdcard fix and removed root – in shop they can’t notice that. If you don’t want apply sdcard fix then for 16GB internal space is enough if you store iso, bin, cue files on sdcard and install to internal storage – you will not have a problems.

And nvidia addes various own services, like streaming or their hub for gaming where you can find games for free, but mostly are paid.

Another plus is that on google play are exclusive games for nvidia shield tablet :

Some time I owned nvidia shield TV, but is not worth. I returned it back to shop. It has own very limited android called Android TV. For 200 euro you can get 16GB version without sdcard support what sucks. For 300 euro you can buy 500GB version what might be good, but that system is really clumsy.

Good is that nvidia constantly makes new updates for this tablet. I started with kitkat 4.4, then I got 5.0, 5.1, 6.0 and now I have 7.0. This is unusual

Another thing is (what really surprised me, because in slovakia it is something non-natural) that if something happens with tablet and you need send it to warranty then you can contact nvidia and they pay postage