Reply To: System Shock and MIDI Synth


A S7 Edge sounds like a good time for holidays hehe 🙂 btw I’ve tried installing it from Magic DosBox to c:\sshock and it said it installed successfully, however I’ve no idea where this folder is or if it’s a virtual one, since it mounted my directory to c:\sshock leaving me with no idea what files are in there, it said to run either the cdshock.exe or sshock.exe files but I’ve only gotten “Illegal command” errors. Ive tried running them instead from the CDROM folder from the Iso and again gotten fatal errors, error code 5001, execution error and it says “Cannot run directly from CD. Run executable from hard drive. Common problem solutions: – Increase files in config.sys to 30 or more. – Disable smartdrv write caching – Use a minimal config.sys and autoexec.bat” If I’m not doing something wrong with the Dos version I guess I’ll try the Enhanced Ed. in the end.