Reply To: HHow do I obtain boxart for the Magic DOSBox browser?


Thanks, Alex. I really love this app. It’s so full-featured and complex that it will probably take quite a while to learn all its options. Of course with the help of the documentation, this forum, and the tutorials on youtube, I hope to persevere. One old DOS Game that I absolutely love is Star Wars Tie Fighter Collector’s CD ROM and I’m hoping to someday figure out if there’s an effective on-screen widget configuration for these types of games, but I may have to resort to my external controller for that. One disappointment I’ve experienced with Magic Dosbox is that some games just don’t support absolute mouse control but that’s not the developers fault. When it does work, however, it works amazingly well, just like native touch screen support. It’s quite a novelty to play some of these old classics like modern mobile games.