Reply To: Age of empires 1 not working because of low vram

Al ex

OK, let’s just forget you said you pirated the game, and assume that at least your Win95 installation is legal…?

1. use a tool like UltraISO (which is shareware) to open the hdd-2gb.img file. Copy the AgeOfEmpire.iso into this img file, and save.
2. Copy the hdd-2gb.img and Age_of_Empires.mgc to your sdcard
3. Open Magic Dosbox, press the orange “+” symbol at the left, then “Import profile”; search Age_of_Empires.mgc, and open it.
4. Long-press the imported AoE profile, tap “edit”, scroll down to “Expert commands”, and click on the edit button.
5. Adjust the mountings at the bottom of the conf file. They’re pointing to the file locations on my device, which are of course completely different from yours.

You can ignore/delete the first imgmount command (A: drive), I’m using this to do automated backups to a virtaul floppy drive, which I sync automatically to my Drive account.
Place the correct mountings for drives C: and D:, then accept the changes (important! Press the green check button, or the changes will be lost), and lauch the profile. If the mountings are correct, you’ll have both drives available in Win95.