Reply To: ADOM not detecting numpad keys properly



Yes, this is common. Numlock is by default disabled, because some very old games have for example implemented screen scrolling with numpad – but it works only if is numlock turned off. I think I can add somewhere numlock indication. I must think about best place.

>Also, what is the easiest way t…
What you talk about is custom keyboard layout for Magic Dosbox inbuilt keyboard. Unfortunately this is not implemented now. It’s on to-do list, but I still didn’t have time. Hope I can get to this feature soon. But why don’t you align key widgets on the screen? You can align them how you need. And in landscape orientation you can resize screen and place it to custom location, so you can create more empty space for widgets. The same will work for portrait mode in next version (v47).

And you can still place “Bag widget”. This is something like toolbar. It’s not scrollable, but spares place.

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