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many thanks for support

>I play old roguelikes.. ADOM, especially, has tons and tons of keyboard keys to learn and remember, see here:
Hah, really tons. Btw, exactly these games stand behind idea for creating bag widget – exactly it was game Might and Magic 1.

I understand your issue. In first iteration is important implement support for two or three layouts. I am a bit aware for creation of infinite count of layouts, due technical reasons – opengles on mobile devices is limited, each button contains from three textures (background, text, foreground image). And there is limit on how much GPU memory they can take. Now I don’t have troubles with that, but with multiple layouts I must create some recycling mechanism. Then will be no problem bind one layout exactly to portrait/landscape orientation.

***so if someone experienced with opengl reads this…I’ll be happy for consultation:)

>Also, not important, but there’s a roguelike game called IVAN
Hard to say, I didn’t try it yet, but the screenshots looks like game is made in really big resolution. How big is? Dosbox works fine with resultion up to 640×480, then performance goes down rapidly. I must try

>I always tell my roguelike fan friends abou
Many thanks:) I really appreciate it:)

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