Reply To: Multiple button layouts for landscape/portrait



I must say truth, it’s first when someone wants to play game in both orientations. Can you give me example? Which game is suitable for that? Or do you want to have the same game profile for multiple devices? But I still can’t imagine when you need landscape and when portrait layout in the same game. Maybe if you explain it a bit more then I will understand.

Magic Dosbox has prepared structures for multiple layouts, but there must be done a lot of additional work to get it functional – like setup for gestures for every layout etc. I wanted start working on this features 10 months ago, but I received MANY requests about physical gamepad improvements. So last 10 months I mostly work on gamepad. Now is finished, but still misses support for two gamepads. So I must finish this feature. And meanwhile I experimenate with scrolling feature for bag widget.

So answer is yes and no. No, I didn’t think for landscape/portrait layouts, but yes for multiple on-screen layouts. This can solve your land/port issue.