Reply To: SM-N910P Galaxy note 4, windows freezes, dos works fine.

Al ex

Try this config file.

– check the mountings. They all point to my own DOS Games directory still.
– remove the imgmount a[…] line. It’s only in there because I’m using a floppy image to store backups of my Win95 savegames, in case the hdd image gets corrupted. I’m a bit paranoid there.?

This setup runs fine for me. Of course, Win95 itself is a crash-prone POS, but it’s runnimg much better in MagicDosbox than it did on my real PC 20 years ago.?

Oh, and for optimal performance (assuming you’re rooted), set governor=performance.
Sadly, our Snapdragon cpu is quite sluggish when it comes to DOS emulation, but this helps a bit. Even my old Exynos Note 2 was faster…?