Reply To: System Shock and MIDI Synth

Al ex

Strange, it’s working for me, both with the original German CD version and the “archived” (ahem…) version behind your link. Which, being an iso image, is “original” at least in a technical sense, too. 😉
Does the crash occur immediately, or do I have to play for a while?

Anyway, try this config file. It’s very basic, only Dpad and Enter key to head into the game.

Things you must do:
1. configure MIDI source. I’m using SGM V2.01.sf2 soundfont, renamed to SGM-V2.01.sf2, because ykhwong’s build doesn’t support spaces in file names (mDosbox does, though ?). It’s easily the best sounding sound font IMHO, especially in Warcraft 2.
2. configure the mountings. My Note 4 has that strange “0000-0000” for extSdCard since the Marshmallow upgrade, and you’ll need to point both c and d drive to the right place on your device.
3. I forgot to adjust the mouse, too: set Adcanved settings -> Manual correction -> Enabled, 640×200 (don’t ask me why, but this seems to work).

Hope this helps. If not, keep posting. It shouldn’t be a matter of your settings, at least if you use my config, because everything’s fine here. Btw, the error log can be created (I think) by ticking “Enable debugging” in Global Settings (at the bottom of the menu).