Reply To: System Shock and MIDI Synth


Sorry for late reply:
for more specific, when I access the cyberspace or Level 2 and the synth starts playing the level’s music in General MIDI setting, the game immediately get crash. Playing Level 1’s music is “almost” fine, which means has no problem but sometimes get crash. Playing Level R’s music is looks fine, but more unstable than Level 1.

Actually, it was “archived” one. but has no problem in both official build and ykhwong build(Jan, 15, 2015) on PC.

However, it has one bizarre issue: in General MIDI mode, the game doesn’t output any kinds of voice message and has no option about it(works fine in SB16 mode). but I don’t know if this issue could be connected with the main problem.

Heres the savefile:
difficulties are set to 0/2/0/0 and proceed to in front of the cyberspace connector.

Anyway how I could find a crash report?