Reply To: Mouse and Joystick

Al ex

Yep, mouse support is built-in. By default it uses relative mouse (sort of laptop touchpad emulation). The alternative, which I always prefer, is absolute mouse (back button -> General settings -> Mouse), which makes the mouse behave like it should on a touch device – click where you tap. Mind that absolute mouse can be off in some games/Windows95. That’s not a MagicDosbox bug, but an issue with the games.

The mouse widget is used to emulate mouse clicks with either left, right or middle button, but you hardly ever need it. Use the Gesture option (back button -> General settings -> Gestures) to select how the mouse should behave. By default, tapping the screen will work as left mouse click. In the Gestures section, you can activate Double tap, Two point tap (tap screen with a second finger) and Longpress (keep finger on screen for a defined amount of ms), and configure each gesture to issue a specific mouse click (left, right, middle).

You can download my Ultima 7 profile from the .mgc section:
– tap screen = left click
– tap & hold = hold left mouse (for dragging items around)
– tap & hold, then tap with a second finger (Two point tap) = click & hold right button (move party)
mind: I’ve configured the Two point tap to “Keep the mouse button down”, so you can lift the second finger after tapping, just make soure to keep the first finger down to move around.

Sounds a bit confusing, but it’s actually quite easy to understand when you try it.

Why didn’t I simply configure long press as right mouse button? For some games, the Long press method is indeed easier and more intuitive, but in Ultima 7, I wanted the Long press configured as default (hold left mouse button) for picking up / dragging items around.
As an alternative, I could’ve configure Long press as right mouse button, and Two point as left mouse button with “keep mouse button down” to achieve the same.

You see, it’s all highly configurable. A bit complicated, but you can be sure you won’t find better controls anywhere, because you can create and tweak your very own controls, so they fit with your individual needs.