Reply To: CTRL Codes


Thanks for reply.
Apologies for typo in my original post – I meant to say CTRL rather than CTRC. I have now edited my post to correct that.
A “PAUSE” command in the BAT file correctly generates a Pause with an instruction to “Press any Key to continue”
On my normal keyboard ( on my Windows PC ) I can then do a

    <CTRL> C

and it causes the BAT file to terminate i.e. not execute any following lines in the BAT file.
I would like to do the same with your emulator. However in the emulator, if I create a

    <CTRL> C

key and use this after a PAUSE then it acts like any other key and the BAT file continues to the next line. If I press this key when a C:/ prompt is showing it generates a printable character. So it is not generating the same code as

    <CTRL> C

does on a normal keyboard in Windows.
So, is there any way to create a key to generate the code to terminate the BAT file – like I can do in Windows ?

I hope that this is clearer now.