Reply To: Physical Joystick idea request


Hello;) Didn’t heard from you long time

You probably mean the left axis joystick (right is used for mouse). The axis is from 0.00f(completely released) to 1.00f(completely pushed). Yes this is good idea. But first I must explain one limitation. During testing I got problems that joystick often didn’t catch these states. For example : You completely released the joystick, but dosbox received the information 0.15f instead 0.00f. This causes that arrows stayed pushed down even you released the joystick. Currently I use compromise – axis under 20% is released. Above 20% is pushed. It works fine. (I think it’s 20% – I must check the source code). So I can implement some virtual border around 50-60% in which I can push down secondary key. But border around 90% is unreliable.

Am I correct with left joystick? Please what game do you play?