Okay so, I’m currently having fun with Civ2 on my Nexus 10 tablet. Magic Dosbox is working well so I just want to share my experience with you guys.

I probably have installed Windows 95 on my tablet more than 50 times in past one month. I tried all different sorts of settings to test out what Win95 on M-Dosbox can do. In fact, my main goal was to run Heroes of Might and Magic 3. I managed to install the game but it was extremely slow. HOMM3’s benchmarking program gives me 70MHz on my Nexus 10 and it requires 133MHz. Maybe newer phones can achieve the number but I have no idea since mine is old iPhone 4.

So I just gave up that game and moved on to my all time favorite Civilization 2. The game itself is working alright but the problem is that Virtual Clone CD just doesn’t read audio tracks from disk image. I have tried many other virtual drives including Daemon tools, which was a real pain in the ass to install btw, and all of them failed to run or read audio tracks. The most stable one was Virtual Clone CD and I am using it now. For BGM, I just ripped the CD and playing MP3s from background app. It works for me. Sometimes it gives me a wrong music at a wrong situation though.

For the CPU speed wise, my i5 2500K desktop gives me around 300MHz and i5 laptop gives me around 260MHz and they run HOMM3 really fine. I just checked smartphone benchmarking rates which shows Nexus 10 scored only 8,000 points while newest Galaxy 6S scored 160,000 points. A huge gap isn’t it? 8,000 points can make 70MHz so 160,000 could make… I don’t know but much higher I guess. Maybe it’s time to let my iPhone 4 go and get a new Android phone.

That is all for now. ‘IF’ I get a new phone I will share more experience with you guys.