So I installed today new windows 95 CZ. It was pain, but I will write here my experiences.

First snapshot was done with the Limbo PC emulator like in video in previous post. It was pain because this app crashes often. Unlike this video I booted from floppy using windows 95 boot disk. CD-ROM was disabled.

At beginning I copied installation files to the root of win95.img file which I mounted as Drive c:\. I used WinImage app. Then I booted from floppy win95 boot disk. I started on floppy drive A:\, I switched to C:\. Then to directory with installation files.
“cd setup”

During installation Limbo PC emulator crashed so often that I though that it will never finish.

But finally I was able boot. I quit limbo and mounted this image in Magic Dosbox. But I was not able run normal boot. Safe mode worked and I installed S3 + sound blaster drivers from previous post. Monitor was set to super vga 1024×768.

Unfortunately it won’t boot normally. In safe mode I deleted lpt and com port drivers in device manager. In monitor settings I unckecked “automatic monitor detection” (or something like that).

After that windows95 started normally.