Reply To: Touch release gesture


I am sorry I made decision that this feature will be not implemented. I like to implement what people need, but this feature is very hard and I will not bring effect you need. Mouse reset means not only to set one variable to true or set some values. Mouse reset means that I must change mouse for a moment to relative and move it manually to negative coordinates x,y[-2048, -2048]. Then I set it to middle of the screen. This is average task – not easy nor hard, but doing it frequently on finger UP is not good idea. I can’t imagine it well…This will lead to problems like :
-you will be not able click, because mouse can be in synchro event (synchro needs takes some time to be completed)
-screen can start scrolling when you don’t need it

But main problem is that all gestures must react well on that. Its hard for implementation.

I am sorry, but not now…maybe I will get idea how to fix it in the future. But the game is made for relative mouse – like Albion. Authors did it.