Reply To: A few suggestions


Hi, thank you for valuable suggestions

I was thinking about to add deadly strike to swipes, but did not found any good reason for that. But switching between left/right mouse sounds good

>Have a button able to hit two keys simultaneously (useful for hitting two arrow keys at once).
I can modify key widget. Currently you can set there two keys, but are used for double tap if they are both checked. I can add flag for switching between double tap/fire both once

>put the Help icon on the first level as well
Hmm, I know that it could be much better to have it on first level. Problem is that there is no place and dialog is designed for every screen size. Adding new column will make troubles on small screens. So every suggestion here is welcomed.

>Ability to copy widgets over to another game
Yes, this is on to-do list for version 26-28

>Add an option in the GUI for “aspect=true”
Screen size options in general settings was not useful?