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thank you very much. I appreciate your suggestions.

1. It was called MagicBox before(which was not lucky choice too). Due google play stupid restriction I changed name to magic dosbox.

2. Thanks for warning, I forget at this and will fix it.

3. yes, I am more programmer then businessman…I will be happy for any suggestion…

4. you are right, but I didn’t want make another ‘piece’ of software. I tried to make special fantasy atmosphere. But under main name is small text with better explanation

Doubletap can’t be set with current version. You must wait for next version. It will support doubletap, longpress and two-point gesture(these gestures will not work exactly like they are implemented in db turbo). Version is made and is in test phase. I wont release it without heavy testing, it has probably bugs yet. But if you want help with testing then please write me email.