Reply To: Dungeon Mapper issues


Ad 2. Exactly, this is how I did it in order to force undo twice on one touch/click.

Ad 6. Aha, I didn’t know this works using events, I thought a REST API is being called or something like that.
In this case, the events could be send even in the opposite direction, from DM to MDB, couldn’t they? As both DM and MDB are your apps.

What I meant in 6.: While playing EOB, I set up automapping using the DM widgets in MDB. In order for the map to be drawn automatically, DM must be in edit mode, otherwise the Pivot is just walking, not drawing. But the edit mode is not sufficient. If I forget to close editing of (e.g.) a location widget in DM, the Pivot stops moving and the drawing doesn’t work. This happened many times to me.

Ad 4. Ok, thanks for the explanation. As I said, it also reacts on Pivot rotations.
My idea was to let Pivot draw the paths not at the Background level, but at the Foreground level using path tiles. It would be cool if DM was able to bend paths properly, and/or replace cross sections with proper tiles.

Ad 5+7. In the current version it doesn’t work. I do not know how to install beta. In every case, I hope installing beta wouldn’t delete my maps!