Reply To: Dungeon Mapper issues


>Good timing :-).
haha, yes, it’s there only 1 month. Google play still did not index it, I don’t know. Probably it needs more views.

>ad 2. I have placed two undo buttons on top each other. However I do not know how would this work if DM is not in edit mode.
Interesting. I think it can work, but you must edit the top most and in it’s settings set “non-blocking” to true. This let’s touch event bubble to widget below and trigger it too.

>6. MDB doesn’t recognise if DM is in edit mode
It’s one way, MDB sends broadcast events to visible DM. Invisible DM does not receive broadcasts. But I don’t understand well what you mean or what you try to do. Maybe it can be easily fixed. Can you describe situation?

>ad 4. There are five buttons at top right of the Images dialog: The left most one is a rotation, but I mean
Ah ok. There is situation. And exactly it was made for paths or columns, however not for pivot. Example: you draw straight path (f.e from left to right). With finger you select resource for horizontal path and draw. Then you want to change the direction. You can go to collection and select new resource. Or (if this button is pushed) you can tap on the same place several times and it will loop over path resources, from currently selected to the right. It exactly does two things:

1. tells the engine that currently placed resource is temporary, does not stack and can be replaced with next tap. You can combine it with random button. Moving to other tile confirms this one.
2. if random button is not pushed down then it loops collection from currently selected to the right. If random button is pushed down then it randomly picks resource from collection.

5 + 7. I found it few days ago, it is fixed. This affects default icons. If you change to other icon then colors should work. But you must be in “widget edit mode”. You can get there this way:

Tap on the widget layer. Pick widget and place it on the screen. Now you can :

1. tap on the widget and press icon button. It starts widget edit mode.
2. long press on the placed widget (if you are in main edit mode) and it starts widget edit mode too.

I think about publishing beta today, so you can check actual version.