Reply To: Dungeon Mapper issues


Thanks for prompt response.

Good timing :-). I didn’t know that DM is a new program. I haven’t played with MDB for several years, and now when I returned, I saw there DM witgets. But it took me a long time to find the app, not even GooglePlay was able to find it, at first.

ad 2. I have placed two undo buttons on top each other. However I do not know how would this work if DM is not in edit mode.

6. MDB doesn’t recognise if DM is in edit mode. Worse, if DM is in edit mode but a widget is being edited, the autotracking still doesn’t work.

ad 4. There are five buttons at top right of the Images dialog: The left most one is a rotation, but I meant the rightmost one. If this button is pressed, the image being placed changes with the Pivot rotation. But I wasn’t able to figure out what was this meant for.

Ad 5. Yes, Colorized. It looks like icons in the Widgets menu, but their color cannot be changed.

7. Allow to change color of the Icons in the Widgets menu. Their text color can be changed, but not the color of the icon itself.