Reply To: Dungeon Mapper issues


Hi, first, thank you for support. I created now forum for Dungeon Mapper and I moved your question here. It’s better this way.

I finished new version and I do documentation videos. Next week it should all go out. Sorry, that docs are not out sooner. It’s terrible lot of work at once. I am happy for your feedback, I did things like I felt that is best, but I am sure it can be improved.

1. Initial manual will be youtube videos, it will go out in next days.

2. You are right. Back button is the correct way. Magic Dosbox does not know that there is a wall. These two steps are : pivot step + resource placing. I was not sure what is better, having two back steps or only one step. I was waiting on feedback. If it is issue I can rewrite it to do only one step.

3. Okay, seems it could be better. Select resource, style it like you want (add color, rotate etc.. – resulted look is on the right, on the layer panel). Then long press on the layer. “Star” and “Delete” should appear. Move it to star.

4. ah okay. It was not meant this way. Button with rotate icon only rotates selected resource, it is additional button to flip buttons. This rotation is not bind to pivot. Pivot does not rotate resource based on it’s direction. BUT, it’s good idea, I can add this functionality. I must think about this implementation. Just now are foregrounds/background resources only plain resources. And path will need a special type if we want more from it.

The resources what I used with pivot were always squares from “backgrounds”, maybe with enabled “random” (cube icon), so it took some random resource from collection (to not have always same texture).

Well, I like it, I will add it.

5. Colorizer ? I am not sure what you mean. Maybe you think “Colorized” on square (foregrounds/backgrounds) layer panel. White resources which can be placed on map with different colors.