Reply To: Setup for GOG games without the image file


Thank you for the reply, but your steps would work with a regular ROM, and not with the GOG version. I just downloaded a ‘non-GOG’ ROM for the same game to compare them and the files and folders are completely different. It looks like GOG did some modifications, mainly removing the PRE.EXE file and replacing it with their shortcut and adding a bunch of other exe, com and bat files (TEXT.COM, TITUS.BAT, ZFLI.EXE, CCODE.COM, CDRUN.COM, CDZFLI.EXE, EMPTYKB.COM, KEY.COM). As I mentioned in my original post, none of these files are executable.

For now I will just use the ‘non-GOG’ ROM, but it would be good to know how to run a GOG game, that doesn’t have the main executable file of the .gog image.